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We are Christian Evangelicals who believe that God will do all that is promised and prophesied in Scripture. We are theologically conservative in that we believe the Bible is inspired by God. We believe reconciliation to God was provided for all people through Jesus Christ, through confession of Jesus as Savior and Lord. There is one road to God and his name is Jesus. All people, in God's timing, will walk that road. 

We're different from many of our brothers and sisters in one way: We are convinced the Scripture plainly and repeatedly teaches that All people will eventually be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ. Most of this site discusses and, we respectfully submit, proves this is the dominant position of Scripture, Logic and Philosophy. Whatever way you approach life, this idea of universal reconciliation to God is the only reasonable, scriptural way to understand God, Man, Evil, The Bible, Time, Freewill, Justice and Grace.

Scripturally, Romans chapter 5 - a primary text in the Bible on the theology of salvation - is clear that whoever is condemned by Sin will be rescued by Christ. To limit the rescure is to limit the condemnation. While many attempt to twist and wiggle their way out of this plain fact with liguistic slight of hand, the fact is undeniable.

We are not theologically liberal. We are not Unitarian Universalists. We are not what most people think of as Universalists. We take the Bible and logical theology seriously. We say there is one way to God and that is Jesus Christ. Outside of Him, we are lost. Anyone in Him is saved - and like the 1 sheep that Jesus goes to rescue in the parable of the 99 sheep, he will find his lost sheep and save them.

We've devoted significant space to answering the objections people have to our understanding. We invite you to review those discussions. We invite you to review the scriptural evidence (there is a GREAT deal of it) for Universal Reconciliation as the only understanding that truly gives God the glory and provides the GOOD NEWS!


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